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Isnin, 9 November 2009

Shape up or ship out, Anwar warns PKR members

PENANG, Nov 9 — Stung by criticisms that he isn't focused on party issues, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim finally warned errant PKR leaders and members to stay loyal or quit the party.
The PKR de facto leader said he could accept criticisms against the party, but would not compromise with leaders and members who could not follow the stipulated party policies.
"All party members must support the transformation agenda, work for the Pakatan Rakyat or be sacked from the party," he said when opening the Penang PKR Convention here last night.
Party insiders have grumbled that Anwar appeared caught up with his international trips and speeches than concentrating on the party that has frayed at the seams over issues of leadership and recalcitrant lawmakers.
Alluding to this, Anwar said his stance was taken as there were many PKR leaders who wanted stern action taken against errant members.
"Give your commitment to the party or leave the party and join Umno," he said.

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