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Khamis, 1 Oktober 2009

Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Money Trafficking & Money Laundering Case Linked To Malaysian Top Politician

On August 14, 2008, Michael Chia, a confidante of the Malaysian Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman had been arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport for alleged money trafficking and laundering with Singapore currency worth MYR16 million before boarding a flight bound for Kuala Lumpur. The Hong Kong ICAC has been investigating the case since then.
Kindly be informed that the Youth Wings of the People’s Justice Party, a leading opposition party in Malaysia will lodge a report to the ICAC Headquarters at North Point, Hong Kong tomorrow (2nd October 2009) at 10am to request ICAC to hold further investigation. The report will be lodged by the Youth Chief of the Party, Mr. Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.
A press conference will be held after that at the same place.A bundle of document showed the illegal activities i.e illegal logging activites that may contribute to the money laundering will also be submitted.
We strongly believe that more money is laundered in Hong Kong. Hence we view this matter with grave concerns as this involved the public interest especially the people of the state of Sabah.

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