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Jumaat, 25 Februari 2011


A gay Minister in Cabinet and Johorean ...

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Looking at the progress at Jalan Duta, there will be a prima facie case against Anwar Ibrahim and he has to prove himself as innocent.

Anwar is up against DNA forensic evidence and Saiful steady testimony in court to be supported by the three doctors that attend to Saiful, other witnesses and the CAMERA.

He will need to prove he has alibis to claim he is somewhere else. Can he proof the camera wrong?

Can his six alibis show they were around with Anwar when the camera proves otherwise?

Anwar is set for Bamboo River. Sodomy is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Back in 1998, Tun Dr Mahathir dismiss him from Cabinet on a justifiable reason of moral and indecent behaviour before Anwar was brought to trial.

Will Najib dismiss a member of his cabinet if found to be gay?

Dato Seri ... as far as we can remember, this talk have been going on for more than three years.

There is a Cabinet Minister from Johor that is in the habit of going out socially with pretty young boys to restaurants and nite clubs in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru.

The can see this.

Source from his UMNO Division described him as intimately close with his Political Secretary, described as jambu by fellow youth member in the Division.

The Minister could be seen as touching the thigh of his Setpol and massaging his neck and shoulders with soft sensuous touch that made those witnessing uncomfortable.

One reliable source claim that there is a particular pretty boy that is particularly close with the Minister.

They pretty boy used to work at a corporate affair department of a major Bank in Kuala Lumpur but have moved to an International Invesment company.

The source claim to personally view an intimate telephone conversation between the 20 something former bank corporate affair officer with the Minister on the other side of the conversation.

The source verified the handphone number at the receiving end.

The conversation was intimate as they talked about indiscreet subject like performing the mandi wajib. The pretty boy was so close with the Minister that he could request for RM20,000 with ease.

The pretty boys revealed to our source that he used to meet the Minister at Nikko Hotel. He had laid bare his body to massage the Minister.

But the source's story stop short at the interesting part.

There will be no names revealed.

In case, anyone is guessing as Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein because this blog used to call him pondan for his indecisions at MInistery of Internal Affirs, our answer is No.

It is not Hishamuddin.

The story is already much talked within UMNO Johor. Don't tell me Najib doesn't know. In case he doesn't, he should get this investigated.

If Anwar had to face many ordeals for his criminal sexual orientation, this Minister can't stay on. He could be a major embarassment to Najib's transformational cabinet.

Morality must never be set aside.

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