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Isnin, 8 Jun 2009

On June 3rd Anwar Ibrahim spoke at the French Institute of International Affairs in Paris on the topic of Islam and the West. He stated in his speech:
Barack Obama has assumed the office of the President of the United States at a moment when the relationship between Islam and the West is among the most important political and social issues in the world. We see in him a leader committed to the values of freedom and democracy, and a president who believes that the critical issues dividing the United States and the Muslim world can be resolved not through fiery rhetoric and bellicose language but by positive engagement in a language of mutual respect.
The following day during an interview with BBC World News Anwar Ibrahim said that it is now important for the Muslim world to reciprociate in a way that demonstrates they are willing partners in the putsuit of a "new beginning." Anwar emphasied the need for America to find credible partners with whom it can deal and restated his conviction that the move from autocracy to democracy must emanate from the Muslim countries themselves and cannot be imposed from outside.
On Sunday June 7th Anwar Ibrahim will be a guest on Fareed Zakaria's CNN program "GPS" and will join a panel of experts from the Muslim world to discuss President Obama's speech.

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